Anne Elise Braids is a braided wig Company set up in 2016 to provide affordable protective styles in the form of Braided Wigs to beautiful women all around the world. 

Our wigs are all handmade by African women in a bid to empower various women in West African communities. This is our way of giving back to the community whilst also producing beautiful wigs for our clients.

All our wigs undergo extensive quality control and we follow up with our clients to ensure what they want is achieved before we shipped.

Our Wigs and hair extensions (both natural and Virgin hair extensions) blend flawlessly with your hair’s natural texture and your skin tone enhancing your natural beauty. Here’s why we make the perfect match:


    We Know The Difference Between A “Quick Fix” And A Quality Product Made With Excellent Craftmanship. Our Priority Is To Offer You A Beautiful Realistic Unit, But One That Also Stands The Test Of Time


    At Anne Elise Hair, We Believe In Effortless And Painless Beauty. Why Sit For Hours On End To Get Braids Done With The Pains That Accompany It When You Can Get Our Braided Units For Less And It Will Last You Longer.


    We Make All The Wigs At Anne Elise Hair. In Fact, We’re The Creative Directors Of The Entire Wig Production Process; From The Hair Selection To The Finishing; So We Can Create Anything We Want, To Offer You Everything You Need.