Below are answers to some of our most asked questions!

Yes, we have a frontal version for all our braided wigs where the unit is made with either a frontal, 360 frontal or full lace and then we also have the closure version made with a closure.

The braided units are relatively heavy. The box braids unit are not very different from how heavy it is when you get your hair braided. An average box braid wig is roughly 1.5kg in weight. The average Amaka unit is about 0.5kg in weight. 

Yes, our frontal braideds wig can be packed up into a high ponytail, buns, double buns and a lot of other natural looking styles. You might need an extra hand to be able to pack it up, this is due to the amount of strands on the unit.  The closure-braided wig however can only be packed in a low pony.

N.B : Please note that the high ponytail with the frontal braided wigs might be somewhat limited due to the wig cap at the back, if you would like a sleek high pony, please contact us for the 360 frontal or Full Lace braided wigs.
The difference between the densities refer to how full you would like your unit to be. The reference and information tab in the Amaka product page shows the pictorial difference for both variants. Here are the pictures showing the difference.

The bleached knots and plucking gives the unit a more realistic appearance with the bleached knots creating the illusion of braids coming out of the scalp and the plucked hairline makes the hairline look more realistic. 
This is referring to the size you would like each strand on your unit to be; however small or big. Please find pictures with guide on the best options to pick below.
Yes, we deliver globally and can ship to any country. You name it!
Shipping cost to USA, UK and Canada is $25.
Yes, our caps come in sizes and are very snug. There is almost no need to measure your head as our caps fit almost perfectly.If you however feel the need to, please do use a tape rule to measure the circumference of your head and choose the range closest to your head measurement in the options. 
No, not all our wig caps do not come with straps and combs as the wig cap is very snug and fits just right. However, we have options for additional combs and elastic bands/straps for extra security. All our frontal units come with elastic straps.
Yes, it comes in a wide variety of colours. The colours displayed on the site are the most requested. If you would like a colour that is not displayed on the website; please send us an email with your preferred coloured choice and we would apply it to your order. However please find the colour chart displayed below. 
The units are measured from the crown of the unit to the tips. Measurement does not apply to strands, MEASUREMENT OF THE BRAIDED UNITS IS NOT PER STRANDS. The 20-22" applies to the length of the entire unit. Please see a length guide for the units below.
All our wigs are handmade and custom ordered. Making of the units in our Braids and Loc Wigs Collection takes roughly 4-6weeks, this is dependent on the running capacity and ensuring quality control before shipping out the units to our clients. The making of human hair units takes 3-7 days. Shipping time for both kinds of unit is 3-5 business days. Please refer to Shipping page for more details.
Remy hair is chemically processed as the hair cuticles are not aligned and this creates shedding and tangle. This has a significant role to play in the amount of time a Remy hair can be used. Virgin hair is 100% natural and has not been chemically processed or enhanced in any way. The hair cuticles are unaltered and intact making it more durable and shed-free.
Aptly named, hand tied wefts means that the hair is sewn onto the weft by hand using strong weaving thread. Hand tied wefts are much thinner than machine wefts because of the precision involved. Hand tied wefts are less detectable in comparison to Machine wefts, which are made by using a sewing machine specifically designed to stitch.
We recommend a minimum of 3 bundles of hair for hair lengths between 12” – 18”. However, for hair lengths over 18”, we advise customers to purchase 4+ bundles for full volume. The longer the hair length the shorter the width of the track will be end to end. This means to achieve maximum coverage, volume and fullness; extra bundles will be required.
Straight hair lengths are measured in its natural state, but our wavy and curly hair is measured when stretched out. For wavy hair, you may consider ordering 2 inches longer to accommodate your length. With curly hair, you may consider ordering 4-6 inches longer to accommodate your desired length. However fewer bundles are required with curly hair as they are naturally coarse in texture in comparison to wavy and straight hair.
On the average, our bundles weigh 85-98g. Please bear in mind that our bundles are measured in hair lengths and not weft length.
Oh yes, absolutely! All our real hair extensions are highly versatile. They can be coloured and styled as desired, and this includes blowouts and curls. Waves and curls can be restored after washing. After colouring, regular deep conditioning is advised to restore the hair back to its original state of moisture as hair bleaching strips the hair of its natural moisture. ***Excessive colouring can damage real hair extensions and shorten its longevity expectancy.
With simple attention, good care and maintenance, our real hair extensions can be used over and over again and can last you for years. Our Braided wigs can also last well over two years if taken care of properly. Please refer to the Hair Care Page for more details.
This refers to bleaching the knots on the lace which is as a result of each strand of hair hand tied into the lace at the base of the cap. We use the process to lighten the knots creating an illusion, making it less detectable and natural in appearance.
French Lace is stretchable, thicker and stronger which makes it more durable as opposed to Swiss Lace which is less detectable in appearance and lighter in texture, making it more fragile and harder to maintain. The silk Lace is approximately 4 x 4 inch of silk material on the crown area. This material does not cover the entire wig as the Silk top material begins approximately 1 cm away from the hairline with 1 cm of French Lace used at the hairline. We recommend using French Lace to enjoy the full longevity of your Lace Wig.
An order confirmation would be sent to you within the next 24hours to confirm the specifications of your order and your shipment details. After confirmation, we will begin processing your order (4-7 days for real hair and 5-6 [standard] weeks for braided wigs).
Please check your cart and account history to be sure your order was placed. After confirming this, please check your Spam folder. If still not seen, please send us an email with your order number for appropriate rectification.
Domestic shipping takes 1-2 business working days while international shipping takes 3-5 business days. All shipping times exclude processing time for all orders. Please refer to shipping page for details.
You have a question that is not addressed in the FAQs or any other section of the website? Not to worry! Contact us for any additional questions or clarifications.