• Maintenance and Tailoring

    In order to preserve and prolong the original state of your real hair extensions we advice our clients to care for it ‘as if it is growing from your roots’! Our hair specialists recommend regular shampooing and conditioning once a week or twice a month. To minimise shedding and tangling, never a... View Post
  • Anne's Pink Tips

    Braiding your hair at night just before Bed Time can help to keep your natural waves/ curls. The use of a satin scarf to ‘Wrap’ your hair at night will preserve your hair, keeping in the correct moisture as well as taking off the excess.  This will also help to minimise night time shedding wh... View Post
  • Shampoo and Conditioning

    We believe it is essential that you wash your real hair extensions at least once a month using appropriately formulated shampoo brands such as Tressme, Herbal Essences, L’oreal etc. Conditioning is important in your real hair maintenance, we recommend deep conditioning twice a month whilst leavi... View Post