Welcome to Anne Elise Hair, where Beauty does not have to be Pain!

At Anne Elise Hair, We Believe In Effortless And Painless Beauty. Why sit for hours to get braids done with accompanying pains when you can get a Braided Wig for less and It will last you longer.


At Anne Elise Braids, we are a Community. We are women who started this because we found a solution to a problem and we wanted to share it with other women. We want it to be an experience from the moment you first visit our website to when you finally receive your unit. We pride ourselves on the quality of our units as we created the process with our Customers in mind. You get to customise your unit by selecting your own specifications; how long or full you will like the unit to be. Our units go through 3 steps of Quality control before we ship to you. After Quality control, we send you pictures (video if selected) of your unit to ensure it is what you requested. We do not ship unless you approve that the unit is done to your satisfaction. 


If you are here, it is most likely because you love to wear braids but cannot stand to sit for so long to get them done and also the pain that comes the first few days after getting your braids done! After spending all that money and time to get it done, you then take it off after some weeks. We decided to create Braided Wigs to solve all these problems. With Anne Elise wigs, you spend less than what you will spend to get your hair braided and you save yourself the Time and the Pain that comes with getting your own hair done. You also get to rock it as many times as you want over a period of 2 years.